Just like in this magical realism story itself, conflicts and harmony overwhelm. Clash and power are still the keywords of UOOYAA. Exquisite suits and cute monster pattern, Chinese tunic suits and PUNK, mandarin jackets and jacquard fabric....Heroes and silly cuties, gorgeousness and street, decent and indecent, old-school and new style. The 2019 new autumn and winter LOOK is constituted by a consistent UOOYAA attitude and a brand new plot.
Right, almost forgot. This time UOOYAA also teamed up with “the monster buster” Ultraman for a crossover to inject some positive energy in this magical reality world.

Photographer: He kaituo / Stylist: Austin Feng / Makeup: Kearo
Hair: Zhou Xueming / Model:Chen Yuanyuan,Xueshan,Irina,Waqar Naseer / Producer: Lumastudio