Whether it’s true or not, we believe this is Alice’s nth adventure. Following Mr. White Rabbit’s footstep, she bored into the rabbit hole adroitly and finally reached the destination of outer space in future, which is dangerous and mysterious. There was anonymous nebula changing unpredictably with possible ray storms coming any time. Alice, our protagonist, is curious about anything unknown as she lets her fantasy fly with a courageous and willful heart. Alice shuttles back and forth casually within a wonderland with a blend of paintings and UFOs, enjoying the sense of weightlessness. The portrait of the new season collection UOOYAA 2018SS is therefore girls like Alice who are fascinated with adventures and world explorations.

Photographer: Joy514 / Stylist: Austin Feng / Makeup: Kearo / Hair: Zhou Xueming / Model: Chen Yuanyuan,Xueshan,Irina,Waqar Naseer / Producer: Lumastudio