Chinatown is a country town in the city where we can find hustle and bustle streets. Chinatown exists in the crack between high-rise buildings, and brings a subtle sense of conflict. There's never a shortage of stories in Chinatown, where one can easily find stories of overseas Chinese people chasing their dreams, but that’s not where we are going. If you ask why we’ve decided to use "Chinatown" as the theme of this season, the reason could be summed up in four points: the violence aesthetics of the people in Chinatown, the mystery of the collision between eastern and western cultures, the soundtrack of Quentin's films and the grotesque scream of Bruce Lee.

Photographer: Joy514 / Stylist: Austin Feng / Makeup: Kearo / Hair: Zhou Xueming / Model: Chen Yuanyuan,Xueshan,Irina,Waqar Naseer / Producer: Lumastudio